served hard

damn son

Hate him all you want but when you’re right, you’re right.

I hate to admit it, but it’s true tho

hate him if you want but the paparazzi are bad people, they say terrible things to you behind their camera just to get a reaction out of you so they can put it in the papers to make you look bad. the bad media justin bieber has been getting isn’t what it looks like.

  • he’s smoked pot - i don’t understand why he gets hate for this when he was smoking it in the privacy of his hotel room while other celebrities pretty much encourage pot smoking by smoking it publicly and posting instagram pics of them smoking.
  • he kicked the argentinan flag onstage - he later apologized for this mistake via twitter 
  • he called a girl a “beached whale” 
he spat on fans 
justin actually is a good person, he’s loved doing charity work ever since his career started, but people and the media created a justin bieber that doesn’t exist. people believe these rumors because they’re being spread like wildfire by other people that believe it. we judge him without really knowing him. he’s a teenager trying to find himself, that’s hard enough without being put under a magnifying glass and having the world attack you. why must you act like it’s a young celebrity’s responsibility to teach your your kids right from wrong when they’re kids themselves?  i’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion, i respect your opinions, i’m just doing what’s right and clearing up rumor that have been PROVEN to be false. always remember,.